Tuesday, December 14, 2004

2004 Election Election-Voting Right Violations

"What I know is unofficial; What he knows is official. I have the right to private judgment, but he has none. He must disclose all, or he is a traitor to his service."- Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Abbey Grange

Audio (source breakfornews.com): VoteFraud Update plus Edwards: 'Fight Not Over'
John Kerry's Recount Letter to Ohio Counties
Kerry lawyer asks for visual inspection of some Ohio ballots
Ongoing Debate over Ohio Voting Irregularities
Ohio presidential vote challenged
Complaint alleges 130,656 votes for Kerry and John Edwards in 36 counties were somehow switched to count for the Bush-Cheney ticket
Xenia-phobia (Keith Olbermann)
Complaint alleges 130,656 votes for Kerry
Witness says voting company tampered with machines after vote and tried to plant false information into Ohio recount

The Election Ran Smoothly, Didn't It?
Ex-Bush Campaign Official Pleads Innocent
Election Officials Interfere with Recount Volunteers in Medina County, Ohio
Sham election has united liberals
The Comfort Zone: It's "Just" a Theory
John Kerry: Pull Us from the Water
Ohio's Blackwell responds; and then Rep. Conyers slams back

December 14, 2004
Funds needed to place observers in 88 Ohio counties
With your help, we were able to raise the initial $113,600 to file for the Ohio recount, as well as enough to pay for initial training and setup costs for a grassroots operation with thousands of volunteers in 88 counties over several weeks. Now that we have staff on the ground in Ohio and a better sense of what the recount process will be like, we estimate that we will need about $1,000 more for each of the 88 Ohio counties to pay for essential costs such as transportation, staffing, and communications.

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