Friday, December 31, 2004

Election night 2004



Thursday, December 30, 2004

STOP the Ohio Election Fraud 2004

Conyers to Object to Ohio Electors, Requests Senate Allies
Conyers to Object to Electoral College Results!Open Letter Seeks Senator(s) To Join Contest!And YOU Can Help His Heroic Efforts!
Rep. Conyers issues letter to senators Thursday asking to open debate on election
Ohio Judge Denies Knowing Of Presidential Election Fraud Plot
‘We Will Not Faint’

Monday, December 27, 2004



Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Legitimacy of Ohio Vote Recount

Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray
Voting Problems in Ohio Spur Call for Overhaul
LaRouche Spurs Broad FightAgainst Bush's Election Theft
Karl Rove tabulates own results election night- has network of contacts down to precinct level
A vote is cast and, a vote, is to be counted
Will John Kerry come forward and challenge the theft of his own election?
Ohio Voting Bombshell
Conyers hears election horror stories
No Holiday for Vote Thieves

Senate Can Prevent Michael Moore Sequel

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Elections Stolen 2004-Triad Systems caught in Ohio with its hand in the cookie jar

Ranking Judiciary Democrat Conyers blasts voting company over 'cheat sheets' used in recount
Ohio's Republican Chief Justice moves to delay vote suit until after Congress certifies vote, lays groundwork for dismissal
Default settings in Mahoning County
The Ohio Recount: Reluctant Officials and Few Rules
Rep. Conyers' Letter (PDF) to Triad regarding thwarting of the Ohio recount
Video Supporting Ohio Vote Fraud Claim Revealed

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Election Fraud 2004-Math still looks fuzzy

Lawyer volunteers to help with election-fraud suits
New Gallup Poll Raises Questions About Media Focus on 'Values'
'Some Kind of Night'........Bush was loosing in the election math from the 1st presidential debate to the election evening as the exit poll numbers came in. Something strange happenned that overturned the results.
LaRouche Spurs Broad FightAgainst Bush's Election Theft
Flash Back: We've Been Had
Ohio Recount Stirs Trouble
The great American treason
Time to separate the wheat from the chaff (Keith Olbermann)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Election Fraud 2004-Brad Blog nails Tom Feeney

Tom Feeney - In his own words
Statistics from Warren County
Certifiable election results
Diebold Ad of the Moment
The United States of Ukraine?: Exit Polls Leave Little Doubt that in a Free and Fair Election John Kerry Would Have Won both the Electoral College and the Popular Vote
Analysts say a pattern is developing regarding touchscreen results

Funds Urgently Needed for Ohio Election Contest Litigation

Sunday, December 19, 2004

2004 Election Fraud-Salute to Brad Blog

Clint Curtis story on Brad Blog is setting stage for Election Rigging software a new reality in United States of America

Ohio vote count battles escalate amidst new evidence of potential criminal activity
Ohio voters refile request to overturn election results
GOP donors worried about vote machines
Ohio recount- Cuyahoga County ballots pre-sorted

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Election Fraud 2004-Media still shamelessly Silent

"I am volunteering with one goal in mind, to secure the vote. I am a 39-year-old, law-abiding mother of two sons ages four and sixteen. I have never been involved in politics or protests and I had never written a letter to the editor until this year. It is about time I did something. That is American!
What's your excuse? Dig a little deeper, please."

Dig a Little Deeper on the Ohio Recount Story

U.S.: A Call for a New Election - 1st Part
The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part II of III: Death of Democracy
Rev. Jackson challenges Ohio ‘Electoral College’ vote
Notes on the Democratic Defeat: Conservative Christian Atavism Ethos or "Christi
Feeney implicated in vote fraud Congressman sought to alter totals, testimony in Ohio case says...........

Special Report: Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software

Flash Back: THE REAL SCOOP ON DIEBOLD On 24th July, 2003 an important story broke. Johns Hopkins University researchers found that electronic voting machines are full of security flaws which can allow fraudulent election results. A scandal indeed............

Friday, December 17, 2004

Election Fraud 2004-Ohio

Ohio judge threw out suit questioning his own election
Doubts Abound Regarding Possible Conflict of Interest in Moss v. Bush; Ohio Chief Justice Was Named Defendant, Sat on Case Anyway
Ohio high court justice throws out presidential election challenge
Why was Diebold reprogramming machines?

Who is Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

2004 Election Fraud-Countdown Armageddon

Kerry et al Sue Blackwell for Election Tampering
What you can do about election fraud
Conyers is now planning to ask the FBI and an Ohio county prosecutor to explore election tampering
Vote rigging software, Yang Enterprises illegal alien employee spying for China with ties to Florida Republican Congressman Tom Feeney and more at Brad Blog exclusive
Judge Affirms Green Party Right to New Mexico Presidential Recount
Eighty-Sixing Civil Rights?
New filing alleges Diebold also tampered with Ohio voting machines, seeks emergency hearing, prohibition against tampering
The F Word
“Computer Glitches” Beat John Kerry
Election lawsuit gathering steam in mainstream media
Berkeley is 1st City to Take Official Stand re U.S.'04 Elections
pdf: Investigation Could lead to Kerry Presidency

With the consent of a single Senator, which did not come in 2001, the tainted Bush electors be challenged. As the battle to save democracy rages in Ohio and elsewhere, January, 2005, could be very different. Join the Petition to ask Barbara Boxer to do so:

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

2004 Election Fraud: After 41 days later 'some' national media wakes up

"Come, friend Watson, the curtain rings up for the last act."-Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of The Second Stain by A.C. Doyle

Strange and suspicious behavior regarding the election and recounts from Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell
Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry Into Ohio Vote (New York Times)
Woman who made accusation speaks
Several Factors Contributed to 'Lost' Voters in Ohio (Washington Post)
Voting firm left unofficial data on public webserver
Ohio offers lessons for 2008
Conyers' letter to FBI
Election 2004's Myths & Mysteries
Nation's electoral integrity questionable
V-odometer Fraud
Theft of the Election, Redux
Arnebeck Lawsuit: A Summary & Explanation
Blackwell Continues To Spit At Democracy, Treats Congress With Insolence
Election '04: way outside the box
American democracy hangs by a thread in Ohio

Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed

Notice to All U.S. Senators and Congresspersons
Notice to All United States Senators and Congress people:
You took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States from its enemies both foreign and domestic.
On January 6th your sincerity and commitment to that oath will be tested. .........

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

2004 Election Election-Voting Right Violations

"What I know is unofficial; What he knows is official. I have the right to private judgment, but he has none. He must disclose all, or he is a traitor to his service."- Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Abbey Grange

Audio (source VoteFraud Update plus Edwards: 'Fight Not Over'
John Kerry's Recount Letter to Ohio Counties
Kerry lawyer asks for visual inspection of some Ohio ballots
Ongoing Debate over Ohio Voting Irregularities
Ohio presidential vote challenged
Complaint alleges 130,656 votes for Kerry and John Edwards in 36 counties were somehow switched to count for the Bush-Cheney ticket
Xenia-phobia (Keith Olbermann)
Complaint alleges 130,656 votes for Kerry
Witness says voting company tampered with machines after vote and tried to plant false information into Ohio recount

The Election Ran Smoothly, Didn't It?
Ex-Bush Campaign Official Pleads Innocent
Election Officials Interfere with Recount Volunteers in Medina County, Ohio
Sham election has united liberals
The Comfort Zone: It's "Just" a Theory
John Kerry: Pull Us from the Water
Ohio's Blackwell responds; and then Rep. Conyers slams back

December 14, 2004
Funds needed to place observers in 88 Ohio counties
With your help, we were able to raise the initial $113,600 to file for the Ohio recount, as well as enough to pay for initial training and setup costs for a grassroots operation with thousands of volunteers in 88 counties over several weeks. Now that we have staff on the ground in Ohio and a better sense of what the recount process will be like, we estimate that we will need about $1,000 more for each of the 88 Ohio counties to pay for essential costs such as transportation, staffing, and communications.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Election Fraud 2004-Votergate

Katherine Blackwell trying to coverup fraud in Ohio- Smoking gun evident on Votergate
Curtis Testifying UNDER OATH To Judiciary Committee Dems in Ohio!
Smoking Gun of Election Fraud is in Ken Blackwell’s Hand
Strange and suspicious behavior regarding the election and recounts from Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell
Congressman accuses Ohio of stonewalling, obstructing state’s recount
Kerry Asks to View Ballots

In Ohio, Activists Push for Delay In Electoral Vote Until After Recount
Kerry Lawyer Seeks Ohio Ballot Inspection
Protesters Urge Delay for Ohio Electors
Jesse Jackson, Others Ask For Electoral College Delay
New Study: More Absentee Votes than Voters in Ohio
Kerry Reps Have Specific Questions About Ballots
Ohio Recount Affidavit - Richard Hayes Phillips
Group rallies at the Capitol
Election Recount 2004?
Election doubts provoke protest
Doubts Persist About Election Results
Capitol protesters claim election fraud
Startling new revelations highlight rare Congressional hearings on Ohio vote
Digging In, Reaching Out
Director of firm that was paid to repair Florida’s voting list which disenfranchised African Americans has apartheid ties

Ohio Vote Fraud Battle Heats Up

How to counter this:
Boycott New York Times, LA Times and other mainline daily subscription as they fail to cover "2004 Election Fruad". Also turn your TV sets OFF during Network NEWS in CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN. Let their ratings decline. You can get your news from the Internet.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Election Fraud 2004-Things are Rotting

"First they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you and then they will fight with you"- Mahatma Gandhi
***J. Katherine Blackwell, et.all is no longer ignoring activists like Katrina Sumner , neither are they laughing at them, they are now FIGHTING them***
On December 10, 2004 Blackwell Locks Out Recount Volunteers
Subject: Blackwell Locks Down Ohio Voting Records Ohio Election Investigation

Thwarted by Surprise Blackwell Order Dayton, Ohio Friday December 10, 2004 On Friday December 10 two certified volunteers for the Ohio Recount team assigned to Greene County were in process recording voting information from minority precincts in Greene County, and were stopped mid-count by a surprise order from Secretary of State Blackwell’s office. The Director Board of Elections stated that “all voter records for the state of Ohio were “locked-down,” and now they are not considered public records.” The volunteers were working with voter printouts received directly from Carole Garman, Director, Greene County Board of Elections. Joan Quinn and Eve Roberson, retired attorney and election official respectively, were hand-copying voter discrepancies from precinct voting books on behalf of the presidential candidates Mr. Cobb (Green) and Mr. Badnarik Libertarian) who had requested the recount. One of the goals of the recount was to determine how many minority voters were unable to vote or denied voting at the polls. Upon requesting copies of precinct records from predominantly minority precincts, Ms. Garman contacted Secretary of State Blackwell’s office and spoke to Pat Wolfe, Election Administrator. Ms. Wolfe told Ms. Garman to assert that all voter records for the State of Ohio were “locked down” and that they are “not considered public records.” Quinn and Roberson asked specifically for the legal authority authorizing Mr. Blackwell to “lock down” public records. Garman stated that it was the Secretary of State’s decision. Ohio statute requires the Directors of Boards of Election to comply with public requests for inspection and copying of public election records. As the volunteer team continued recording information from the precinct records in question, Garman entered the room and stated she was withdrawing permission to inspect or copy any voting records at the Board of Elections. Garman then physically removed the precinct book from Ms. Roberson’s hands. They later requested the records again from Garman’s office, which was again denied. Ohio Revised Code Title XXXV Elections, Sec. 3503.26 that requires all election records to be made available for public inspection and copying. ORC Sec. 3599.161 makes it a crime for any employee of the Board of Elections to knowingly prevent or prohibit any person from inspecting the public records filed in the office of the Board of Elections. Finally, ORC Sec. 3599.42 clearly states: “A violation of any provision of Title XXXV (35) of the Revised Code constitutes a prima facie case of election fraud within the purview of such Title.” Contact Information: Joan Quinn (937) 320-9680, (916) 396-9714 – cell Katrina Sumner (937) 608-5861

Original Source:
Election Fraud Protest
Sunday, Dec. 12: 'You Stole My Vote' 51 Capital MarchOn Sunday, Dec. 12, at 12 noon before the steps of your state capitol and the federal capitol, join the protest against the theft of our votes and our voting rights in the 2004 election.
The Limits of "Man Bites Dog" Stories
Cleveland Paper Cites Voter Problems
Members of Congress and Ohio State Senator Ray Miller, to Hold 2004 Election Forum in Columbus on Monday, December 13th, Columbus City Hall, 10:30 AM
In Cleveland as in Kiev
Don't Mess with Texas Voters
Ohio Election Investigation Thwarted by Surprise Blackwell Order
Doubts persist about U.S. election
For Some, the Race Remains Far From Over
Problems in Ohio are focus for critics of election
2004 Election Fraud Exploding: If you google"2004 election fraud" there are 2.4 million pages of 2004 Election fraud.
December 12, 2004, 12.54 PST, Google "Results 1 - 10 of about 2,350,000 for 2004 election fraud . (0.07 seconds)"

Saturday, December 11, 2004

2004 Election Fraud

Some election vote tallies in question, particularly in Ohio

Mark Crispin Miller's "J'Accuse" Letter Excoriating the New York Times for Ignoring Allegations of Voter Fraud Raised by Congressman John Conyers
Congresswoman Tubbs Jones Joins Reps. Conyers, Waters, Strickland, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Others in Convening Forum on Ohio Election Irregularities
The votes that really count have not yet been cast
Cleveland Paper Cites Voter Problems
When Are We Going to Take To the Streets?
Rob Zaleski: Prof. says vote numbers don't add up
Apartheid Ballot Counting in America
The five stages of Democratic grief
Problems in Ohio are focus for critics of election
Was The 2004 Election Legitimate?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Election 2004-Fraud questions still fierce

***Hacking the vote in Lucas County***this is a precinct by precinct analysis in Ohio....readers let the rule of logic prevail, read, analyze and ask yourself "Is there any lingering doubt that voter fraud has occurred?"
Why history demands an Ohio revote
States with electronic voting machines gave Bush mysterious 5% advantage; bloggers do the math that broadcast networks fail to follow

Shared machines at adjoining precincts caused voter problems
Whitewashing Election Fraud

Partisan House Briefing Looks Into Ohio Irregularities, Lacks Teeth
Some Still Questioning Ohio Vote Count
A plea for electoral revolt, now!
Counting Votes
Isn't the Ohio Recount More Newsworthy Than Ukraine's?
The constitutional right to vote
Election 2004's Myths & Mysteries
Opinion column: The F word
Zogby: 'My Polling Was Very, Very Good'
Time to ask for a Re-vote in OH, FL & PA
Two Top Orlando Officials Being Questioned About Mayoral Election
Uncounted votes in Montgomery County
Election Fraud in Ohio? It appears that 15 congressmen want answers...and that they are quite serious
Winning in the streets: What we can learn from massive demonstrations in the Ukraine
Code Orange for U.S. Democracy

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Election Fraud

DeLay sought to have group which wrote complaint found in contempt of Congress
Election fraud or just suspicions?
Jackson Vows to Continue Ohio Vote Probe
Voting While Black: Racism in the Coverage of the Recount?
From Selma to Ohio: A Report from the Conyers Hearing
American Elections vs. Ukrainian Elections
Congressman wants 'raw' exit poll data
Flash Back: Paper that endorsed Bush calls election for Bush a day earlier

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Election 2004-Votescam

***Addressing questions, programmer says vote-rigging prototype could be used for optical scan machines***

Ohio election fraud uproar blasting to new level
Errors plague voting process in Ohio, Pa.
The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy
Isn't the Ohio Recount More Newsworthy Than Ukraine's?
Programmers weigh in on plausibility of vote rigging software, as RAW STORY confirms some claims in affidavit
Washington watchdog group which wrote DeLay complaint meets with programmer
Li-Woan Yang & Tyng Lin Yang of Yang Enterprises Inc makers of software to rig votes donated money to Congressman Tom Feeney (names are alphabetically listed)
Scoop: Voting Fraud in the USA: A Tale of Two Brothers

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Election Fraud 2004-Vote Switching

Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software
Bush hometown Newspaper calls "Ohio as ground zero of Democracy"
Audio: Sunday MonitorElection news, with Ohio attorney Cliff Arnebeck; UT economist James Galbraith; and Wayne Madsen, on how the election was rigged.
Programmers weigh in on vote-rigging idea, some details confirmed
Ohio Whitewash
Another Election Held and Another Election Stolen
Flash Back: Quietly Florida Admits 2000 Election Fraud
Flash Back: ELECTION FRAUD 2002

Monday, December 06, 2004

Election 2004-Irresponsible Corporate Media

In sworn affidavit, programmer says he developed vote-rigging prototype for Florida congressman; Congressman’s office silent

21 voting machines removed and replaced in Democratic Broward County, Florida; No reported supervision, AP mum
U.S.: A Call for a New Election, by Ken Reiner
Inbox: Media covering wrong country's election fraud .
Hundreds Gather At Ohio Statehouse To Demand Recount Of Votes
Protesters demand Ohio recount
Presidential Election: Conyers, and Other House Judiciary Democrats ask Blackwell to Explain Alleged Ohio Election Irregularities
Challenges Planned to Ohio's Presidential Vote Totals
The Gathering Storm
Important !!! Volunteer Opportunities in Ohio - Concrete Information!!!
New round of challenges in Ohio vote
Evidence of Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reader
Congressman Conyers Requests Exit Poll Data (PDF)
Election 2004 Is History. Questions Keep Coming: Ann Woolner
FBI probe may involve more than vote fraud allegations
As Ukraine Celebrates Democracy, It's Being Denied in Ohio

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Election 2004-Conflict of interest

Kerry Won the Election by at least 1,7 Million Votes
Elections firm has ties to Pinellas-The county elections supervisor's husband worked for and consults for ES&S, a maker of voting equipment that the county may buy.
Committee on the Judiciary Investigates Voting Irregularities in Ohio
More On Senator Hagel's Ties To Election Systems & Software (ES&S)
Conspiracy theories on Ohio vote refuse to die
Voter Fraud in Florida and Ohio: Kerry Won the Election by at least 1,7 Million Votes

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Election 2004-Votergate

Special Report: Votergate: More details emerge
Media News Group Blocks Election Vote Fraud News
400 demand recount at Ohio statehouse
Judge refuses to back county in attempt to stop recount
Ohio voters cry ‘fraud,’ demand recount
Ohio tally fit for Ukraine
Way to Go, Ohio
Election critics protest at Statehouse
It can happen here

Friday, December 03, 2004

Election Fraud 2004

FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY RALLY Columbus, Ohio, Saturday December 4, 2004
The Ever Bolder Republican Plan To Keep Black Ballots Out of the Count
Lucas County elections board certifies Nov. 2 results, prepares for recount
Interview With the Lead Attorney in the Ohio Contest of Election

House Dems fire 15-page letter to GOP Ohio Secretary of State questioning voting irregularities, suppression

NBC makes sharp correction in Latino support for Bush, puts Kerry up in Texas

Federal Court Strikes Order Stopping Ohio Recount

Congressional Investigation Reveals 19,000 Unexplained Votes in Miami County, Ohio, 66% of Which Went to George W. Bush

The 34,000-vote clerical error would not have affected the slot machine initiative.

Miami Herald hand recount of 3 Florida counties indicates signficant Kerry gain

While most of America applauded how smoothly the election of November 2 was conducted, thousands of voters living in Ohio's Cuyahoga and Franklin counties know better

House Judiciary Committee's Letter to Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio Sec. of State

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Election Fraud 2004

A verifiable-voting insurgency
Does not compute
A verifiable-voting insurgency
Robin Baneth: Wheel of VOTER Challenge 2004
Ohio provisional ballots..........Kerry+17,977
The Evidence for Ballot Tampering in Escambia County, Florida
Former Bush Campaign Official Indicted
Suit accuses LePore of data request delay
The Republican Assault on Democracy
Cartoon by Thomas Burns

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Election Tampering 2004

Ohio tally fit for Ukraine
Tulsa World on Oklahoma Vote Totals: We Have No Idea
In Ohio 2004, it's the People versus the Party of Hate & Terror and the Party of Duck and Run...but will the Democrats now stand and fight?
Voters to challenge US election
Even in the land of the free, some voices still silenced
Votergate: More details emerge
Errors in exit polls still a puzzle to many
Voter suppression efforts mired election
FAITH MATTERS: Religious people voted for Kerry too
Warren County, Ohio: most successful voter registration drive in American political history, or stuffing the ballot box

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