Saturday, December 11, 2004

2004 Election Fraud

Some election vote tallies in question, particularly in Ohio

Mark Crispin Miller's "J'Accuse" Letter Excoriating the New York Times for Ignoring Allegations of Voter Fraud Raised by Congressman John Conyers
Congresswoman Tubbs Jones Joins Reps. Conyers, Waters, Strickland, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Others in Convening Forum on Ohio Election Irregularities
The votes that really count have not yet been cast
Cleveland Paper Cites Voter Problems
When Are We Going to Take To the Streets?
Rob Zaleski: Prof. says vote numbers don't add up
Apartheid Ballot Counting in America
The five stages of Democratic grief
Problems in Ohio are focus for critics of election
Was The 2004 Election Legitimate?

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