Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Election Tampering 2004

Ohio tally fit for Ukraine
Tulsa World on Oklahoma Vote Totals: We Have No Idea
In Ohio 2004, it's the People versus the Party of Hate & Terror and the Party of Duck and Run...but will the Democrats now stand and fight?
Voters to challenge US election
Even in the land of the free, some voices still silenced
Votergate: More details emerge
Errors in exit polls still a puzzle to many
Voter suppression efforts mired election
FAITH MATTERS: Religious people voted for Kerry too
Warren County, Ohio: most successful voter registration drive in American political history, or stuffing the ballot box

wah wah wah
get over it bush won kerry lost
the house won
the senate won
the us won
i guess you lost
you poor loser
wah wah wah,
bush won kerry lost,
the house won,
the senate won,
they all won by our rigging,
don't you know chuck hagel to george bush all won,
what a great democracy we are,
poor loser you don't know how to rig,
don't you know we own diebold, ES&S, Sequoia Pacific....
i guess and still guess we won,
'cause katherine blackwell, jeb bush et. know how to rig well!!!
bravo The Wizzzzz!
posted by Anonymous
that's a funny name
If I have funny name, you got a funny brain. Have you heard something called famous people?

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