Thursday, December 16, 2004

2004 Election Fraud-Countdown Armageddon

Kerry et al Sue Blackwell for Election Tampering
What you can do about election fraud
Conyers is now planning to ask the FBI and an Ohio county prosecutor to explore election tampering
Vote rigging software, Yang Enterprises illegal alien employee spying for China with ties to Florida Republican Congressman Tom Feeney and more at Brad Blog exclusive
Judge Affirms Green Party Right to New Mexico Presidential Recount
Eighty-Sixing Civil Rights?
New filing alleges Diebold also tampered with Ohio voting machines, seeks emergency hearing, prohibition against tampering
The F Word
“Computer Glitches” Beat John Kerry
Election lawsuit gathering steam in mainstream media
Berkeley is 1st City to Take Official Stand re U.S.'04 Elections
pdf: Investigation Could lead to Kerry Presidency

With the consent of a single Senator, which did not come in 2001, the tainted Bush electors be challenged. As the battle to save democracy rages in Ohio and elsewhere, January, 2005, could be very different. Join the Petition to ask Barbara Boxer to do so:

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