Friday, December 24, 2004

Legitimacy of Ohio Vote Recount

Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray
Voting Problems in Ohio Spur Call for Overhaul
LaRouche Spurs Broad FightAgainst Bush's Election Theft
Karl Rove tabulates own results election night- has network of contacts down to precinct level
A vote is cast and, a vote, is to be counted
Will John Kerry come forward and challenge the theft of his own election?
Ohio Voting Bombshell
Conyers hears election horror stories
No Holiday for Vote Thieves

Senate Can Prevent Michael Moore Sequel

Sorry, I really don't get it. Why isn't there a push for a grass roots change to the electoral process so that the President is chosen by popular vote? rather than centering on 'coup', 'stolen election', ... Did you miss the classes where they covered the electoral college system?

How does the Electoral College work?
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