Friday, December 03, 2004

Election Fraud 2004

FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY RALLY Columbus, Ohio, Saturday December 4, 2004
The Ever Bolder Republican Plan To Keep Black Ballots Out of the Count
Lucas County elections board certifies Nov. 2 results, prepares for recount
Interview With the Lead Attorney in the Ohio Contest of Election

House Dems fire 15-page letter to GOP Ohio Secretary of State questioning voting irregularities, suppression

NBC makes sharp correction in Latino support for Bush, puts Kerry up in Texas

Federal Court Strikes Order Stopping Ohio Recount

Congressional Investigation Reveals 19,000 Unexplained Votes in Miami County, Ohio, 66% of Which Went to George W. Bush

The 34,000-vote clerical error would not have affected the slot machine initiative.

Miami Herald hand recount of 3 Florida counties indicates signficant Kerry gain

While most of America applauded how smoothly the election of November 2 was conducted, thousands of voters living in Ohio's Cuyahoga and Franklin counties know better

House Judiciary Committee's Letter to Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio Sec. of State

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